Stop The Lights [Album/CD]


1. Bird in a Cage
2. Phantom Power
3. Stop the Lights
4. The Great Escape
5. It Goes without Saying
6. Dead Flowers
7. All a Blur
8. Carrying the Fire
9. Doodlesque
10. Thanks for the Photographs
11. May the Road Rise

Released: March 2012

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What the press are saying about the new album "Stop the Lights":

"The third offering from The Walls is a finely-wrought assortment of slick sonic treats...on Stop the Lights they push the boundaries of their craft: this is their most adventurous work to date…Delightful". - Hot Press Magazine

"There's no debating their song-craft and you won't find many LP's as expertly put together as Stop the Lights". - Metro Herald

"Stop The Lights’ may have been six years in the making but it was well worth the wait. The Wall’s are back with a bang" - Golden

"The Walls have ears…..and heart and soul". - Irish Mail on Sunday

"….a songwriting formula that is certainly concrete-solid…" - Irish Times

"From beginning to end the album has an energy and optimism that is compulsive – do yourself a favour and grab a copy….."  -

"This album is storytelling at its best in song and music" – The Sunday World 1/04/2012

"What impressed me the most is how they managed to make each song sound individual and unique while still retaining that recognisable ‘The Walls’ sound". - 2/04/2012


Price: €10.49
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