From the recording Paradise in the Picturehouse


I thought I knew everything you’d think and do
I thought we’d reached a boundary no one could breach
It’s been a while since my angel grew her wings a flew
I still sink when I think about the day I knew
If I locked her in a cell I couldn’t keep her heart
I wish we never met, we’d never fall apart

She had that shine, spring, summer, winter time
A special glow, now the beholder is a different beau
They say time is a healer, I shouldn’t doubt
But nothing looks good when the sun come out
I don’t think I can play the carefree part
I wish we never met, we’d never fall apart

The road unwinds, leaving troubles far behind
But still in view, through the mirror I still see you
I’ve got a wild lot of habits to weigh me down
The motor moves and the whistle sounds
A light flickers it’s getting dark
I wish we’d never met, we’d never fall apart