From the recording Stop the Lights


(Words & Music: Joseph Wall)

may the road rise with you
may your dreams all come true
may you always feel beloved
under darkest winter blues

raindrops fall down just like tears fom the sky
your soaked from your feet to your hair
cars speed through pools, splash sorry fools
trudging along in despair
stones mock your bones the road hurts your feet
this place that you curse will outlast you and me
remember way back when you stood on the wall
you said you could fly
now you’re so sure you’ll fall.

may you see with x-ray eyes
through the ones who tell you lies
who point the way to heaven
and claim they own the rights

evening comes down in this strange foreign town
as you walk in your old worn-out shoes
stars coming out, to the north and the south
like a pretty girl putting on jewels
you climb up a hill, looking over this city
you’re a stranger round here
and there’s no room for pity
you wish you had change
to make a long distance call
you’re afraid to call home
in case you break down and bawl

may you find the faintest light
if good days turn into night
may you always believe
no matter what fate has up his sleeve