1. Black and Blue

From The Recordings Html


black and blue (words:s.wall. music: the walls)

where’d you go my little amore
with your sad Cleopatra eyes
i wish that happiness would end your strife
i looked for you in campo di fiore
i know that it’s your favourite place
ordinary people going about their day

i wish you’d come back from tomorrow
lie down and rest your head
we’ll sweep those crazy notions from underneath the bed
see the stars up through the skylight
they’re gonna light your way
there’s all this love for you so don’t ever be afraid

you’re black and blue and you don’t know
which is up and which is down
you’re black and blue like you’ve been stoned
caught in a crossfire all alone

for some of us nothing comes easy
we have to fight our way
but that can wear you down and leave you in a state
i know it’s hard fighting your corner when it’s just you and a child
this world is tough and yes, this world is wild