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Paradise in the PicturehouseBuy CD/Download

Paradise in the Picturehouse

1. Brewing Up A Storm
2. Romeo’s On Fire
3. Got To Get Away
4. This Happy Girl
5. Half Past Two
6. The Girl With The Curl
7. Roll And Tumble
8. An Empty Feeling
9. Town For Sale (B-side from ‘Everything That Rises’ single)
10. Wish We Never Met (B-side from ‘Mr. Ginger’ single)
11. A Delicate Web (Live in Galway)
12. Men Without Souls (Demo)

Released: 1990

The Stunning’s debut album ‘Paradise in the Picturehouse’ was released in the summer of 1990. It reached number one in the Irish album charts and stayed at the top for 5 weeks going on to achieve multi-platinum status.

It has now been re-released due to phenomenal demand – The Walls website has been inundated with emails from all over the world looking for it. It is remixed and remastered and comes with additional tracks, a booklet chronicling the album’s history and a lavish digi-pack.

Singles: Got To Get Away, Half Past Two, Brewing Up A Storm, Romeo’s On Fire

Once Around the World

Once Around The World

No longer available

1. Everything That Rises
2. Brewing Up A Storm
3. She’s On My Mind
4. December Sky
5. I’ll Be Around
6. Rusty Old River
7. She’s Not There
8. Turn It On
9. All I Can Do
10. Mr. Ginger
11. Heads Are Gonna Roll
12. Delicate Web

Released: 1992

Singles: Heads Are Gonna Roll, Everything That Rises, She’s On My Mind, Mr. Ginger

TightropeBuy CD/Download


1. The Hurt Inside
2. Town For Sale
3. Half Past Two
4. Frank The Tramp
5. Wish We Never Met
6. Tightrope Walker
7. All Out Of Luck
8. Mr. Ginger
9. Men Without Souls

Released: 1993

Recorded live in Galway in the summer of 1993, this album captures the band at their peak. As well as classic tracks such as Half Past Two, Town for Sale & Mr. Ginger, it features songs that aren’t on any other album: The Hurt Inside, Men Without Souls, Frank the Tramp, All Out Of Luck and one of the highlights of their live sets – Tightrope Walker.

Milking The Hits

Milking The Hits

No longer available

1. Got To Get Away
2. Half Past Two
3. Romeo’s On Fire
4. Brewing Up A Storm
5. Heads
6. Rusty Old River
7. Everything That Rises
8. December Sky
9. She’s On My Mind
10. Mr. Ginger
11. Subterranean Homesick Blues
12. Wish We Never Met
13. Town For Sale
14. Tightrope Walker

Released: 1994

Singles: Tightrope Walker


Merry Christmas Baby, Deja Voodoo, Merry Christmas from The Stunning